Want to simplify your skincare routine?

We got you! adding a clay mask to your routine is a must, but it can be irritating to the skin, messy and time consuming. Forget all that. Tyche mask sticks have the solution.

Non irritating formula, easy and mess free while treating all skin concerns.

Fights acne, bacteria and soothes skin. Defends against dirt and toxins.

Strengthens damaged skin.Restores hydration while detoxifies skin.

Rejuvenates and Tightens.Defends the skin against free radicals. Collagen boosting.

Fades ages spots, dark spots from acne and uneven skin tone.Enchance skin radiance.


We care about your skin so we made sure to use only the most natural and
beneficial ingredients for you.

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Skincare Results after using Tyche clay mask

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By Zack

have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and.. wow!! I think these results speak for itself! i after using this product my skin felt refreshed and soft! Not stripped like other clay masks can do. I don't think I have ever seen results like these with a skincare product before! Having the mask in a stick form is very convenient and way less messy! You can control the thickness of your mask by just gliding the product on your skin. I also noticed this product doesn't dry down into a hard crust which is awesome! I truely feel like my skin is being looked after with this product!


it’s really has I don’t know how you guys do it!! I’m am so in love with this mask honestly best mask I think I have used for my skin if that’s the results in one mask imagine if I do it more thankyou so much tyche


I originally bought this for the blemish control and pigmentation mask but after trying the hydration mask I’m in love. My skin feels and looks so much better and I thought it was hydrated enough. It feels so smooth and soft, almost poreless.


I was struggling with small fine lines, blackheads, dryness and dullness , this is how my skin looks like after couple of uses of the Anti ageing & Detoxifying clay mask stick ! In LOVE

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by Fay Andr

It actually brighten my skin and lighten my dark spots.Tyche clay mask is one of the best products I’ve used! It shocked me how a clay mask stick is a game change for its easy and mess free application, made my skin feel so new!

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by Elizabeth mo.

- Great product, recommend

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by Aspa k

Absolutely love the mask and cleansing device and how quick the mask application is. Skin feels so smooth and silky! I love the keychain gift it’s sooo cute x

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by Vicky kel

- I’m impressed how easy it is to use and how my skin feels after using the niacinamide mask!My skin is red and irritated most of the time but this product has really helped me! I use it on my son’s skin as he has psoriasis on his cheeks and it has really calmed down the redness.Will buy more for sure!

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By Greg kl

have seen results,thank you

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by Lina l.

- I’ve been using your products for over a month and i can’t believe the massive changes I’ve seen on my skin!My acne is almost gone, and hasn’t irritate my skin so i have combined the green tea and niancinamide, I use them every second day.

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by Cris Cristou

I was sceptical once I applied it as it made my skin tingle a little bit, but it ended up soothing my skin out love it!

Aussie made and Female founded by skin therapist

We wanted to simplify everyone's skincare routine without sacrificing the benefits, so we created Tyche mask sticks, packed with hyaluronic
acid, zinc ceramides and vitamins to cleanse and rejuvenate without striping your skin whilst also treating skin concerns

  • Australian owned & made


    our skincare products are carefully made with local, ethical and purposful organic ingredients that work

  • Our Guarantee


    Yes, thats right we believe you will love our products otherwise you get a refund!

  • All Skin Concerns


    Whatever skin concerns you have,

    we have you covered!

  • No Nasties


    Vegan and cruelty free.

    Made with pure, natural and certified organic ingredients

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